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Guardian Elevator Services Pty Ltd are a full-service Lift Consultancy, assisting building owners, property managers, owners corporations and property trusts in the cost-effective ownership and management of Lift and escalator services, through the provision of:


Guardian Elevator Services employs a comprehensive range of diagnostic hardware and software resources necessary for a consultancy specialising in the condition, operation, performance and safety of existing Lift and Escalator services.


These specialised resources include, but are not limited to:


Traffic Analysis: Lift manufacturer independent, non-proprietary Elevator Traffic Analysis & Simulation software for simulating Lift performance and determining the optimum configuration of the services in new or existing buildings.


Ride Analyser: Incorporating a 3 axis accelerometer for the measurement and recording of velocity, acceleration, jerk and lateral and vertical vibration, including FFT analysis of vibration, and the measurement of Lift travel and floor to floor heights.


Ride Analysis: Software to comprehensively analyse data collected by the Ride Analyser to quantify and diagnose the kinematics of Lift and Escalator travel.

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